Click to view presentation that I created that outlines the purpose of 3D Printing for education and business applications. 3D printing can be used to design cars, car parts, musical instruments, hearing aids, prosthetics, toys, decorative household products, jewelry and  prototypes of products for manufacturing. It can be related to many subject areas, including STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) art, and design. 
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Purpose of 3-D Printing from Jakeygirl

Click this link to learn more about Makerbot (a company that makes 3-D printers) and learn how 

3D Printing Will Transform Education (Forbes.com)  
View a link to 3D student curriculums that was developed for use in New York City Schools, that allows students to have an "Invention Engine" in the classroom.
Read more about Bre Pettis, 3D printer designer and co-founder of the Makerbot, who suggests that students can design stuff, print it and if it doesn't work design it again. The company is also offering a digital library called "Thingaverse" "where you can upload or download a 3-D design and print it on a 3D printer". 
(TJ McCue, Contributor) http://www.forbes.com/sites/tjmccue/2011/11/01/3d-printing-will-transform-education/

View this video produced by Makerbot (a company that makes 3D printers) - that shows what people of all ages are making with 3D Printers!

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